Hello Beautiful Peoples!

I am taking a siesta for all healing and meditation services at this moment.

Life in this physical world is needing my attention as I breath deeply, re-align with transitional higher energies and honour self-love, self-worth and self-awareness.

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love”  – Rumi

My name is Jodie Maree and my life’s passion is to nurture humanity and provide a sound comprehensive approach to Spiritual Healing, holistic health and well being. I completely immerse myself in my craft as a Spiritual Healer and Meditation Facilitator. In my life, I uphold a natural duty of care; advocating for the environment, to pursue and educate healthy living, assist in dying with dignity and treat every individual with respect and compassion. I was a single mother for 15 years, raising two teenage boys into very successful men and traversed many challenges along the way.

Over time, in my quest and thirst for knowledge, I had the good fortune to meet Reiki Master Janice Banks whom I still have a loving warm teacher/student relationship with and Spiritual Elders, Gayatri and Brahman Peter (both transitioned) who all nurtured my young spirit. Mike Clarkson from Alphega Therapies in Bairnsdale, has been my mentor to this present day, teaching me the many disciplines that metaphysics present. I journeyed through courses such as Psychic Self Development with The Wiccan Home Studies, founded by Clair and Simon Lorde, and was an affiliate member of The Rosicrucians for some time.

My background in sustainable living is where I home birthed my babies on a developing organic Permaculture farm. For many years my career choices have allowed me to work with a diverse range of people on a spectrum of varied platforms including the sex industry to high profile professionals, extending to individuals with compromised lifestyles and backgrounds. These bodies of work created a solid foundation for the integrity to my professional skills. Today, I am focused within the Aged Care sector where I promote a compassionate and empathetic pathway in my duty of care for the elderly, with a significant holistic practice to gentle palliative care.


Spiritual healing takes place on an energetic vibrational level and the modalities that I practice are very contemporary, nurturing and compassionate. With regular spiritual healing, over time you start to become aware and tuned in to your own energy life force. When this happens, your inner reality opens up like a lotus flower and begins to unfold with beautiful insight into higher dimensional spirit realms where healing takes place on deeper levels. This does not happen overnight, it is a progressive body of work that you invest in.

For some individuals, the gentle touch of traditional Reiki healing is chosen, as they are accessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is the vital energy that forms the basis of all life and recipients experience an attunement with the elemental forces of Universal Energy, bringing harmony into their lives. The body and soul is vitalised; renewing spiritual equilibrium, promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. Children benefit immensely from Reiki treatment and are naturally drawn to people who regularly perform hands on healing. Reiki is able to facilitate healing for trauma, loss and grief. It has a very special place when it comes to assist the journey for people with terminal illness, both for the individual and family members, even your loving pets benefit from Reiki healing.

Others, who are more sensitive to Light energy healing, may experience receptivity of their own vibrational frequencies and are able to safely tune in and access energetic health. This is the starting point where all healing takes place, being guided through the endless possibilities of expanded consciousness for spiritual growth. A trusted and developed relationship grows overtime during these healing sessions as the recipient is more confident in their experience and develop a willingness for the journey within the Self.


Meditation groups that I passionately facilitate are a popular resource for people who want to learn and continue the art of meditation, relaxation, breathwork, visualisation and incorporate progressive techniques that aim to awaken your inner being, bringing calm, clarity and awareness into your life. Overtime, many modalities are explored, including white light meditation, mindfulness, body mapping, chakra and aura health along with many more techniques which are all aimed at healing your mind, body and Soul.

Continued practice allows you to connect with Transcendence of Self Love and empowering yourself through collective group consciousness. These meditation sessions evolve and expand over time in a warm and holistic environment. If you regularly meditate and would like to expand your horizons and share the vast expansive energy that the group develops, then this is for you!

A lot of this work is guided and channelled meditation purely from Universal Source Energy and I am privileged for the support both from Spirit and group participants. Our first group has been active since May 2016 and is designed for regular attendance to complement your ongoing spiritual health and healing, well being and oneness with Self.



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